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Hey there, welcome to the all new buznet. We're currently working hard to get this entire web site up and running, and we will not allow it to be half-assed in any way.

When buznet is complete, it will be the most comprehensive web site ever. What's the purpose of this web site you ask? Well it's simple, YOU tell us. Send us an email below and tell us what you think web should do. A blog? A news web site? An adult web site? (just kidding. not happening). The ball is literally in your court.

Please follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on our progress. Or, send an email to hello@buznet.net with and comments and/or suggestions you might have on our upcoming release.


This web site will be filled with the most awesome, awesomeness content on the web. From the ashes of my first and most successful company Buznet Internet Solutions, Inc comes the new and improved Buznet. We can make this what we want, and your input is greatly appreciated! Keep checkin back on us !!

- Rob

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